“Danksgiving – 2012”

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Everything
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The annual Danksgiving took place 11/15/12 with 30 friends at a single location, with 30 food items–surprisingly, not one person didn’t prepare or bring what they were asked too.

Items included:

    • Pies (apple, cranberry, pumpkin)
    • Mashed potatoes
    • Sweet potato dishes
    • Turkey (2 large birds)
    • Green-bean casserole
    • Cookies (chocolate chip)
    • Wine/Beer
    • Spring & Potato salad
    • Stuffing
    • Cranberry Sauce

I myself prepared my mother famous Green-bean casserole. ↓

Not only was I extremely impressed with everyone’s preparedness, but also the quality of home-cooked meals.

This post goes out to all those mothers out there that have helped their children by providing awesome home recipes! It certainly made our Danksgiving. Makes me thankful for great friends and family.


S’GO Hawks!

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To summarize by 2012 Thanksgiving break in a nut-shell, I’d have to say the highlight of my trip was heading to Iowa City to watch the Hawkeyes vs. the Huskers.

Considering myself already a ‘seasoned-vet‘ at Iowa tailgating we pulled a professional move and made the enduring trip to Iowa City Thanksgiving night.

Not fooling around, the guys and myself decided to call it an early night and be real men by waking up at a brisk 6:00AM to undergo a BIG10 football game.

6:00AM came quicker than expected; breakfast was Kegs and Eggs (standard tradition).

From this point on, at 8AM we stumbled to Melrose Court where tailgating all began.

8-11AM was a blurr.

Game-time…. blurr.

Granted the Hawks lost (I managed to take this picture), the game was still a blast. I happen to bring two fellow Colorado State students back which made the experience even better.

Hope your thanksgiving was great and healthy unlike mine…

Sometimes though, you’ve gotta let loose with the homies. Cheers to a great holiday!

Mind; It Matters.

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Mind Over Matter – Zion I

Recently after continuously YouTube surfing workout videos/tips-tricks/instructional videos…

I came to the conclusion that in order to progress yourself whether in any activity (i.e. snowboarding, football, weight-training, running, etc…) one must control their thinking and mind.

Since about 3 days ago when I came across this Intel, I’ve applied to most everything I do.

First, I tell myself what I’m doing, and how I’m going to do it. Then its all repetition from this point on.

By consistently telling yourself your going to succeed, you will succeed.

***Although I haven’t applied this tactic to studying and or test taking. I wish it was that easy to tell yourself I’m going to get an A (without studying)***

Mind is everything like Kai Greene says.

I challenge my viewers to apply this method and see what outcomes occur.

Keep the mind healthy y’all!


Friday; game-day preparation.

  1. cheap iron at a thrift store.. $6.75
  2. last years wax (50% off).. ($10.00) *bought 2*
  3. friends garage… free.
  4. youtube instructional video… free.
  5. fresh wax. YEEEAAHHH BUDDDDY!

Saturday was the day.

Early 5AM wake up, car previously packed from the night before, along with the installation of the roof-rack. Don’t forget the late 11 o’clock PM stop to King’s for some cliff-bars and premade sandies! — Preparation is essential.

No amateur here folks..

Early bird gets the runs! Keystone was phenomenal couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Saturday in early November (besides watching football).

Again this was another chance for me to get out and enjoy the atmosphere, people, and touch base with my inner-self to know I’m still breathing underneath stress (aka School).

I did take a couple pictures, unfortunately they are a buddies phone.

Till next time, stay classy bloggers.

Salad Combos Yo!

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Nutrition
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Veggies, Veggies, Veggies.

Vegetables should be a large portion of a persons daily food in-take. Most veggies contain:

    • minerals
      • vitamins
        • antioxidants
          • minimal fat
            • minimal calories

Which are essential for a healthy mind and body!

The main reason why I eat salads is the potential of creating a new salad-combo each time. Sometimes I leave out ingredients/veggies, or I add nuts and turkey, or try a new dressing… Hence the reason why I love salads, the possibilities are endless.

Usually, my salad contains some spinach leaves, almonds, broccoli, turkey, carrots and Italian Red Pepper Kraft© dressing (←too good).

With my latest trip to the grocery store I realized there are endless possibles to change the norm.

NOW: (additions)

  • peas
  • green beans
  • asparagus
  • mushrooms
  • pistachios

By adding these additional veggies, I’ve noticed an increase in energy, and the taste keeps on improving…  Overall, veggies are important for a healthy lifestyle, but I am always learning and looking for new ways to keep improving meals.. I leave you with this question:

Whats your salad combo???

Finally; I feel full.

This past weekend, Arapahoe Basin was ‘poppin’ in modern terms. During the week snow accumulated too 6 inches with already a 15 inch base.

By the time my buddies and I strapped in early Saturday morning the single lift was packed, circus like, I’ve never seem so many people come out of the wood-works for the second weekend open at Abay.

Not only was the snow phenomenal for being October 27th, but surprisingly the line wait was only 15 minutes or so… I am a little upset I didn’t take any photos or videos (next time for sure).

Initially as a group we did a couple runs, but then the over-whelming sound of skis and boards slapping rails was shouting my name. Of course I made an appearance. Because there were only 6 or so rails open I hiked close to 20-30 times back up the mountain to continuously hit the same couple rails.

I had a blast! not only did I get physically exhausted with the altitude and steep hike, but I finally got a chance to relieve some stress by just jamming out to my favorite ‘chill’ tunes in the mountains I love.

Judging the future from this past-weekend experience. I can tell you I’ll be up in the same vicinity every-weekend until the snow is gone.

***Stay snow-hungry my friends***


This fall has been phenomenal; easily my favorite time of year– unfortunately I haven’t experienced it properly this year, the only way to really experience fall in CO is to spend some quality time in the mountains.

Not only does getting out of a school/social environment reduce stress, but when you actually are in the middle of ‘no-where’ I feel that’s when we are one– so to speak.

Last fall, I had the opportunity to visit a great-friend’s cabin in Leadville, CO. Since this expeience I have had cravings to get out and go adventure and explore.

↓ (pictures from the trip.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, being out-and-about in the wilderness makes me humble and content. What makes this a healthy lifestyle is not only the hiking and physical endurance component, but releasing those mental blocks that can build up over time, reducing stress, and connecting with yourself.

Too bad it always sucks to snap-back to reality.